It's Sunday Runday!

Happy weekend, my dears! Starting right now today (and every Sunday until I forget and miss one) I'll be sharing a Sunday Runday workout for you to tackle at home.

If you've known me for even 8 seconds you know how I feel about running. We have a sordid past, steady-state cardio and me. So what I'll be sharing here are sprint intervals and distance intervals that will improve your speed and strength, while at the same time honoring your time commitments.

Tips for tackling these workouts:

1 - Treat every interval as a time trial. It's max effort. Your legs and lungs will burn... that's the point.

2 - There are rest periods built in so use that time wisely.

3 - Don't neglect the warm up. Start to move and breathe slowly during your warm up and you'll be ready to sprint when it's time.

4 - Consider a mantra. This might seem foreign or silly to you, but trust me when I say that your mind will want to quit long before your body has reached its max effort. A positive and affirming mantra can make all the difference.

(If you are a runner, God bless your entire heart. I have genuine envy over your love for continuing to put one foot in the front of the other.)

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